Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anna Maria Horner

Yesterday, I happily attended Anna Maria Horner's Trunk Show at Keep Me In Stitches in Tampa, Florida. Anna Maria shared some of her designs, completed projects, inspirations, and recounted how she came to license these designs, make the fabric and patterns we love to sew, as well as how her craft has evolved over time.

She's warm, genuine, and a pleasure to listen and talk to. As of course I knew she would be. And it was amazing to see her work in person.

Naturally, these photos don't do her work justice. I also didn't take nearly enough of them...

I've never met a celebrity before, and I readily admit being awestruck. It's not every day you meet, in my opinion, a creative genius. I was most eager to have her autograph my book and take a photograph with me, which she graciously did.

Lucky me! I'm so glad Janome gave me the opportunity!

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