Saturday, July 12, 2014

Crafts: Poolside Tote #2

I knew I wanted to make a lightweight water-resistant version as well as a more structured one. I've had this water-resistant fabric for years, and Noodlehead's Poolside Tote seemed the perfect way to showcase it.

Doesn't the bag look like a LeSportsac?

I interfaced the exterior pieces with Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex, mostly because the water-resistant fabric is thin and I didn't want the lining visible through the exterior. I also added pockets on both sides of the bag to reinforce the bottom.

I went with neutral-colored straps, but would have used a vibrant cotton webbing if I had any. As it is, the straps are from one of my husband's decommissioned desert camouflage uniforms (read: sturdy and special). But I did add an extra pop of color with the facing.

A few notes about water-resistant fabric:

1. Not all water-resistant fabrics can be ironed and pinned without adverse effect; experiment with scrap fabric.
2. Use a sharp needle, and be patient.
3. Double or triple-stitch each seam; one line of stitches isn't strong enough.
4. Seams are difficult to match because the fabric slips and slides, even with pins.
5. Once a seam is sewn it cannot be removed without damaging the fabric; needle holes are permanent.
6. Fusible interfacing becomes sew-in interfacing, because water-resistant fabric is also glue-resistant.
7. When topstitching, the bobbin thread may be visible, no matter what.

I learned a lot while making this tote, and, despite the imperfections, am so very pleased with it! It'll get a lot of use at beaches, pools, and amusement/water parks!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crafts: Jamie Christina Mission Maxi

For my muslin I cut a size 10, and it fit like a glove. The problem: I felt overexposed. The dress hugged every little curve, and that's not something I'm comfortable wearing in public.

But I liked the skirt portion of the dress.

To make a Mission Maxi skirt I added two inches to the pattern's sweep (making a 7-inch-wider finished bottom opening) and a yoga-style waistband at the pattern's narrowest part. I'm very pleased with the end result and will wear this skirt often.

I used a medium-weight bamboo-blend knit, and I love its thickness and drape. I want another maxi skirt in a solid color, maybe green or dark teal. Wouldn't that be pretty with a white tee and sandals?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Crafts: Poolside Tote

Ideal for Fourth of July celebrations, here's Noodlehead's Poolside Tote:

It's large enough to hold multiple towels, sunscreen, goggles, and assorted pool toys. And it comes together with ease thanks to Anna's excellent instructions.

I made this particular bag with two meters and a scrap of medium-weight cotton linen fabric and interfaced the exterior pieces with Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex. It's very sturdy but not so stiff it'd stand up on its own without being partially filled.

The only pattern omission I made was the key ring, because I didn't have the supplies.

This bag is a birthday present for a friend. She told me she wanted a bag to take to the pool and prefers earthy colors, so I know this bag will be perfect. Happy Birthday, Susana!