Friday, July 27, 2012

Crafts: Purple Unicorn Pillow

We're moving overseas in less than three months, and we'll be packing out our household goods much sooner. It's time to complete a few parting gifts.

One of Cole's friends loves purple and unicorns, and I own two of Heather Ross's unicorns on purple (purchased during a studio sale years ago). I paired these with a few Denyse Schmidt, Erin McMorris, and Lizzy House scraps to create two log cabin blocks. With the addition of Kona Eggplant, straight line quilting, a lavender zipper, and the softest 12" X 16" pillow form, I made a reversible pillow for a sweet, little girl.

I had so much fun making this pillow, and part of me doesn't want to part with it. But I do prefer green. Thankfully, I also have one of Heather Ross's unicorns on green...

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