Monday, December 23, 2013

Crafts: Il Presepe

Naples, Italy is famous for its presepi, or nativity scenes. They range from simple to elaborate, and many towns in and around Naples have special fairs selling presepi figures and other items.

In truth I never wanted a presepe, until I saw Annalisa Bonfante's unique treatment of this traditional craft.

Like a ship in a bottle, her presepi are carefully arranged within lightbulbs, decanters, and other glass containers. Each is made with painstaking attention to detail, without a single cut to the glass, and comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

I was particularly drawn to those within lightbulbs - it's such a clever idea. And for once I prefer the less expensive variety. All are fair-priced, however, considering the artistry and patience they require.

Visit Il Presepe to purchase one for yourself or as a special gift, which I very highly recommend. Annalisa is such a lovely and talented Neapolitan artist, and her presepi make a perfect holiday souvenir.

Buon Natale!

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