Monday, March 11, 2013

Crafts: Blank Slate

I've always wanted to try my hand at making Cole's clothes, but in the states I never had trouble finding something I like on sale at abercrombie, The Children's Place, Gap, or wherever. Overseas, we're limited to what's on sale at the base exchange, and, frankly, that's nothing to get excited about. So now's the time to try.

My first attempt is Blank Slate Patterns' Prepster Pullover, size 6:

Despite my trouble with the collar, the Prepster Pullover is a wonderful pattern. The directions and photos provided are so very helpful (read: I never would have put on the collar without them), and they all but guarantee a polished and professional end product. Add some soft seersucker, and it's a comfortable one too.

Cole loves his shirt! I have plans to make additional shirts in the next two sizes soon, along with a few other Blank Slate patterns (to include the Surf Collection available until 24 March at Pattern Anthology).

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