Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crafts: Made Basic Pants

Cole's next article of Mom-made clothing is a pair of basic pants with pockets, courtesy of Made's fabulous tutorials.

Cole is wearing these in my previous post as well.

I used a pair of Cole's best-fitting jeans to draft the pattern. For the fabric, I used a brown cotton linen blend that looks a bit like corduroy from a distance and a fun animal marching band print (not pictured) for the pocket lining. I also used brown/neutral variegated thread for top stitching.

Next time I'll add an extra inch to the width of the leg. These fit him perfectly, but he could do with a little more legroom. Additionally, I plan to add top stitching to the side seams, and maybe a single back pocket.

I really do love these pants, and they were surprisingly easy to make. I see plenty more handmade pants and shorts in this boy's future.

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