Friday, April 12, 2013

Travel: Rome

We spent a day in Rome during spring break. Since we live close to the city (2-hour drive), we've chosen to do a series of day trips rather than one extended trip. And for Cole's first time in the city we visited Ancient Rome and its Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Forum, Trajan's Market and Column, Pantheon, as well as Trevi Fountain.

Shawn and I first visited Rome in 2004, and later again in 2006. Besides no longer having free access to the Forum, not much has changed the past seven years. We still love this city!

Note: Before, you could access the Forum without entering Palatine Hill. Now there are exits where entrances to the Forum used to be, and many stairs and walks have since been cordoned off. These changes are due to preservation or financial needs, probably both.

The crowds were a bit extreme on our visit, so we'll be sure to arrive on or before the opening hour in the future.

Cole threw several coins in Trevi Fountain, so we're assured at least three more trips to the city. We can hardly wait!

Total driving time: 4 hours

Tolls: 30 Euros

Parking: 4 Euros for 8 hours

Admission to Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill: 12 Euros per person

Food: 50 Euros

Time on site: 5.5 hours

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