Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crafts: Michelle Patterns

I really like Michelle Patterns. I have quite a few of them (see this post). They are all easy to make and produce great, little products.

To get a feel for the Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch I started with Size 5, the smallest. Naturally, it was a quick and easy project, and I now have a coin purse to hold foreign currency.

The only change I would make (this size only) is to omit the fleece and use medium-weight interfacing for the "C" pieces. The fleece, while nice to the touch, makes this small clutch puffier than necessary. Plus, I found it made the clutch more difficult to turn out and neatly hand-stitch closed. Otherwise it's perfect, and a great way to use scraps and present gift cards (or hold loose change).

I next made Size 2. This size (5.5" X 8.25") was easier for me to sew, and the fleece provides the right amount of padding.

And when paired with Michelle's Idea Pouch, you have an excellent tech package. My mom now has a pretty pair of cases to store her eReader and tablet, just in time for her birthday.

Happy Birthday and belated Mother's Day, Mom!

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