Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crafts: Washi Dress and Tunic

I've made a dress and tunic using Made by Rae's Washi Dress pattern. I sewed the dress last year, but I made the tunic just this week.

While I am not in love with either piece, I am very pleased with how well the bodice fits me. I cut a size small but used extra-small bust darts, and the fit is perfection. The bodice template alone is worth the pattern purchase price.

To clarify, I do like the dress. Besides the "U"-shaped cutout (which reveals more cleavage than I like and snags my necklace), everything is fine. The dress is comfortable, well-constructed, and the shirring and pockets are brilliant. I don't know if the dress is exactly figure flattering, but I think the length of the bell makes it look more like a dress and less like maternity-wear.

The tunic, on the other hand, does look and feel like maternity-wear. The empire waist and shorter hemline are best suited for round bellies, not flat ones. Without child, I find this look rather unbecoming.

I may never make another Washi, but I can see myself using its bodice template with different patterns. Rae taught me some new techniques along the way, too, which I'll use as well: in-seam pockets, shirring, and bust dart finishing.

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