Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travel: Brussels

Cole still wasn't feeling well when we arrived, but he felt better the following day. As we had only one full day in the city we took advantage of his good health and saw all we planned.

The Grand Place is said to be the most beautiful square in Europe, and it certainly is impressive.

The Mannekin-Pis is a disappointing, little statue, and his likeness can be found all over the city. I don't understand his popularity; Smurfs and Tintin are far better mascots.

Belgian chocolate is good, but expensive. Famous chocolatier Pierre Marcolini sold boxes of chocolates for 50 Euro or more. And Belgian frites and waffles are positively sinful! Our hotel allowed us to make our own waffles, without the whipped cream and chocolate, and we actually preferred the more tooth-friendly version.

If Cole were older or interested in comics, we would have visited the Belgian Centre of the Comic Strip.

Our next trip to Belgium will be to Bruges.

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