Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crafts: Wedding quilt

I made a quilt for my cousin and his bride. I've never met Rebecca, and I haven't seen or spoken to Mark since I was twelve. I made this as a favor to my mom, and based my fabric choices on the couple's wedding registries.

Because I don't know the bride and groom or their style preferences (How much can you learn from a wedding registry?), I made a small-sized lap quilt (40 X 60 inches). I'd hate to spend a great deal of time on a quilt they don't like, although - let's face it - all quilts are time-consuming.

At least I like the design. Paper-pieced string quilts are not the most fun to sew, but they are impressive when assembled. I also like the quilt's colors and kaleidoscopic effect. Film in the Fridge made a nearly identical quilt, seen here, which served as my inspiration.

I hope Mark and Rebecca like their quilt! I don't think I'll ever agree to make another...

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