Monday, September 30, 2013

Crafts: Pom-pom wreath

I finally finished my autumn wreath! I've had the supplies for two years, so it's about time!

I used a Styrofoam wreath form and five skeins of inexpensive yarn in marigold, dark orange, chocolate, vanilla, and deep aqua. I made 60 pom-poms, and I like how full and fluffy the wreath looks. The colors make me happy, too.

How-to: For each pom-pom, wrap the yarn around one hand's first, middle and ring fingers 75-85 times (I would sometimes spread my fingers a little to make the pom-pom bigger). Then carefully slide the wrapped yarn off your fingers and lay it atop a foot-long strand of the same color yarn. Center the wrapped yarn as best you can, and then tightly tie the strand around the wrapped yarn's middle. Snip the loops and trim the pom-pom into a pleasing shape.

I tied the pom-poms onto the wreath form as I went along to ensure no Styrofoam was visible and the colors were evenly distributed. After adding all of the pom-poms, I trimmed the ties and hot glued felt over the knots and exposed, center-back of the wreath.

Once I got started, this was an enjoyable project that came together fairly quickly. But pom-poms are messy to make! For easy clean-up, be sure to make them over a hard, flat surface, not a carpeted area.

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