Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crafts: Quilted baby blanket

My neighbor is having a baby boy. I had a stack of pre-cut squares I thought were perfect for a boy's "I Spy" quilt, and some leftover minkee fabric for the back.

I used Red Pepper Quilts' economy block tutorial, and the blocks were fun to make. Unfortunately, I had difficulty getting the points to match when I sewed them together. It's my fault, not the tutorial's. The prints are busy enough that my mistakes aren't terribly noticeable, but they still bother me.

I quilted only half of the blanket, because I like the look and feel of minkee with minimal stitching. I did topstitch around the perimeter, however, to prevent the layers from shifting.

The blanket has a warm, quilted side and a soft, fuzzy side. At 30 X 40 inches, it should comfort the little guy when traveling in the stroller and car seat for several years.

I hope he and his mommy like it!

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