Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crafts: Apron Parade

I gave aprons as part of our Christmas gifts this year. There are a lot of apron patterns available, but I used these two:

1. Amy Butler's In Stitches Short Pleated Apron (p. 48)

We lived in Japan for nearly ten years, and my mother and brother's girlfriend spent time there with us. This project gave me the opportunity to use a few prints I've been hoarding, and to reminisce.

As for the pattern, I had no issues whatsoever. The directions and diagrams are concise and easy to follow. And I think the apron's proportions are spot-on.

2. Rashida Coleman-Hale's I Heart Patchwork Patchwork Bordered Apron (p. 50)

I went with a Christmas hostess theme for my sisters-in-law. My husband says their mother always wore an apron in the kitchen, so maybe they'll like wearing this one during the holidays.

The lining and patchwork make this apron more time-consuming than the first, but it's still easy to assemble. I did opt to follow Amy Butler's directions for attaching the waistband and ties, as they produce a cleaner finish (and I was already familiar with the process).

Now that the holidays are over, I want to make The Sometimes Crafter's City Girl Apron for myself.

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