Saturday, December 28, 2013

Travel: Cuma Scavi

In 5th century B.C. the Greeks established their first trade post in Cuma, Italy.

Parts of their temples to Apollo and Jove still stand, but the main archaeological attraction, Antro della Sibilla (Cave of the Sibyl), remains fully intact. This 400-foot long tunnel was carved from solid rock, and, according to Virgil's Aeneid, is where Aeneas asked the sibyl (oracle) for directions to the underworld.

The site is rather large (and excavation continues), so wear comfortable shoes. You'll climb many sets of stone stairs and walk along uneven stone and dirt paths. You're rewarded with gorgeous views of the Gulf of Gaeta and Ischia and a fascinating look at the past.

Admission: 8 Euros for 2 adults, 1 child (also includes entrance to Baia Museo Archeologico Campi Flegrei and Pozzuoli Anfiteatro Flavio e Serapeo)

Travel time: 1 hour round-trip from Naples Support Site

Time on site: 2 hours

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