Friday, November 8, 2013

Crafts: Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

This skirt is aptly named, because I'd love to wear one every day. It's such a simple design, but well-constructed and fits to flatter.

All of Liesl's patterns teach professional dressmaking techniques. For the Explorer Vest it's bellows pockets, and for the Everyday Skirt it's how to sew flared hemlines and construct a waistband that's as beautiful on the inside as the outside - techniques I'll use from now on.

My skirt is a linen blend in dark aqua. I cut a size small with an extra large length. I made no pattern modifications, and I probably won't make any changes to future skirts either.

I like this color combination. Do you?

I also want to try Liesl's Weekend Getaway Blouse + Dress in rayon challis. The pattern's facing/placket details really interest me.


  1. Yes, lovely colour combination! And great sewing too, your skirt looks really good.

    1. Thank you, Nina! This is one of my more colorful outfits.

  2. I really like the colour combo too. Green and aqua are fab together! I'm also making the Everyday skirt. :)