Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crafts: Snow Bunny Cowl

I've made another Sewaholic Renfrew Top, this time with 3/4-length sleeves and a novelty print.

Like mini skirts, I may be too old to wear bunnies. But I think I can get away with this. Either way, I feel younger and happy wearing this top.

Admittedly, purple is not my favorite color, but I do love green. The lichen green background and this top are why I bought the fabric. And I've had this puffer vest stowed in my closet for years - it needed an excuse to be worn.

My only complaint is the sleeve length. The sleeves are too short to be 3/4-length and too long for elbow-length. My elbows hit at the sleeve cuffs, so I'm a tad uncomfortable when bending my arms. Next time I'll shorten the sleeves two inches, because elbow-length sleeves really are my favorite.

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  1. Hi it's Nicole from the Girl Charlee Team. This top looks great! You're never too old to wear bunnies :) Thanks for linking back to us.